Notion 94, December 2023:
Interview with JayO

Notion 92 (Editor & Producer), December 2022:
"Finding focus with Talia Goddess"
"The sonic and spiritual world of Manuka Honey"
"Accidentally in love with Tom & Deba"

Sole DxB, December 2022:
"A New Reality" - Interview with Cktrl
"Smells Like Home" 

AZEEMA Issue 4, October 2021:
"Being British Asian: From Pakistan to the Midlands"
"Tsunaina" Cover interview  

Sole DxB, 10th Anniversary Issue, 2021:
"Sandra Poulson is More Than Just a Designer"

AZEEMA Issue 3, 2018:
"The Sun, Moon, Henna + Tattoos"

AZEEMA Issue 2, 2017:
"Beauty, Self-love, Body image & Acceptance"
"Yumna" Interview with Yumna Al-Arashi 

Hearst Magazines, 2018-2021:
Good Housekeeping, Elle, Men's Health, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar


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